Cyber Insurance for Medical, Dental & Allied Health Centers

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Cyber insurance cover includes payment of loss, out of pocket expenses, penalties & payouts resulting from a Cyber Incident at your Practice.

First Party Indemnity & Third Party Liability Cover

First Party Cover

Business Continuity Costs

Loss of Profit

Third Party Cover

Notification Costs

Legal & Regulatory Costs

Media Liability

Cover for Telehealth Risk

Telehealth Risk

Ransomware/ Extortion – Denial of service attack, hijacking of all your social media sites

Cover for your Health Practice Reputation


Corporate Identity Theft

Brand Reputation Loss

Consequential Reputational Harm

PR Costs

Trademark Litigation cover available (as stand alone)

Non -Compete for Employers (Legal expense available as stand alone)

Supply Chain Coverage

Technology Supply Chain Partners

Cyber Panel

Incident Response Support provided within 24 hours included in your Cyber Insurance Policy

Claim Management Team

Cyber security Forensic Team

Legal Team

PR Team

Multiple Reinstatements

Multiple reinstatements available with policy limits applying to each and every claim so that your limit is never depleted as policy limits reinstate each time.